Personal Branding

  • On-brand photos to market your business (social media, website etc.)
  • Corporate headshots and lifestyle photos that tell the story of your brand
  • Campaign & concept shoots for brands, artists, creators & influencers (one time shoots & long-term collaborations)

My mission is to help entrepreneurs by creating on-brand photos that fully represent the beauty and value that you have to offer, by highlighting your personality & service, so you can attract your ideal clients through imagery that speaks to them.

Whether you’re starting a new small business or if you’ve been already a pro in your field for a while, if you need photos for your website, social media or for a brand campaign - then a personal brand shoot with me is for you!

I will guide you through everything, from discussing your wishes and needs, helping you with your wardrobe, choosing the right props, searching for a suitable location and creating a shoot list, so you not only get plain corporate headshots, but also lifestyle photos that tell the story of your brand. 

  • Bookable from 1 hours
  • ALL good photos selected and edited to use for your website and social media
  • Digital photos in high quality via data link
  • Free consultation (concept based on your personal brand & style)
  • Free location and outfit assistance 
  • Free "What-to-Wear" Planning Guide
  • Commercial use license
  • 10km travel costs from Trogir by Split are included. From 10km on: 0.50€/km.


The effort varies greatly depending on what you want. Let me know what exactly you have in mind and I'll make a suitable offer for you.

Claudia Woodham (Marketing & Business Mentor)

Sinja (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Sandra Ceriani (Singer & Songwriter) 

Samantha (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Lola Cascade (Human Design Mentor)

Manuela (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Tanja Cooke (Holistic Life Coach)

Fabienne Grau (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Katrin Zehnder (Photographer)

Patrizia Stalder (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Özlem (Brand Campaign Shoot for Social Media)

Roman Wehrli (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Vivienne Marti (Concept Shoot for Social Media)

Kim Britt Photography / Kim Britt Tschopp
Čiovo, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia
[email protected]